Country: Netherlands
Birthday: July 2nd
Instrument: Guitar
Equipment: Mayones Guitars, Teye Guitars, Garisson Acoustic Guitars, Diezel and Jackson Amplifiers, Kool & Elfring Speaker Cabinets, Curt Mangan Strings, Intune Guitar Picks
Endorsements: Mayones Guitars, Teye Guitars, Kool & Elfring Speaker Cabinets, Curt Mangan Strings, Intune Guitar Picks
Bands: Third Half, The Bad-Ass Berettas, Blues Brothers Tribute Band
Main influences: Everything with guitars
Favorite bands: Tool, A perfect circle, At the drive in, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Mars Volta, Mudvayne, Deftones, Circa Survive, Alter Bridge
Favorite musicians: John-5, Vai, Setzer, Satriani, Mayer, Moore, Dale, Howerdel, Keenan, Freeze, Beaufort, Carey, Vaughan
Favorite movies: X-men movies, Pulp Fiction, Donnie Darko, The Lord of the Rings, American History X
Favorite books: The long walk by Stephan King (Commercial TV will come to this eventually!)
Favorite sports: Pumping iron and speed picking ;-)
Favorite food: Everything with meat, ice-cream
Favorite drinks: Cold beers, good whiskey
Dislikes: People with no respect, to much testosterone and not enough brains to think for themselves!
The classifications about people that are made based on what they wear, or the music they listen to.
The lack of individuality today.
Abuse; whether it is physical, mental, sexual, emotional, or verbal.
Hate, violence, war, ignorance, insensitiveness, narrow- mindedness.
How did you get started in music?:
I picked up a guitar when I was fifteen years old. Never stopped playing� Viva la musica! I believe that you should follow your heart, always. Even when the path you�re on, is a road less traveled!

Marcela Bovio - Lead vocals, electric violin
Johan van Stratum - Bass guitar
Eric Hazebroek - Guitars
Stephan Schultz - Guitars
Jeffrey Revet - Keyboards & Synths
Martijn Peters - Drums
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